Super Bowl Sunday is finally upon us with the New England Patriots squaring off against the Atlanta Falcons in Houston. At the beginning of the season, not many had the Falcons as a Super Bowl favorite, while no one was willing to rule out the Pats as an early front runner. With that said, the Falcons face an up hill battle despite taking down the Seahawks and Packers with ease. If they do plan on upsetting the Patriots, here’s what needs to happen:


One of the main reasons Tom Brady has only thrown 4 interceptions all year is the fact that his offensive line keeps him protected. He’s having a career-low year in terms of sacks, which has given him all kinds of time in the pocket. He is showing that he is still dangerous throwing the ball and doesn’t have to rely on a run game with the way he’s performing in the air. He may not have the deadliest of targets, but he is still making it work. This is where the Falcons will need to step it up because you can’t have a free roaming Brady to unleash multiple touchdowns on you.What Will it Take for the Falcons to Upset the Patriots This Weekend?

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This is quite obvious when you think of the rules of football. However, ranking at the top in terms of net turnover points, none stand taller than the Patriots. Although the Falcons are right below them, New England will make you pay. Since he’s well protected, you can’t rely on the defensive to intercept the ball, but rather hope to recover a fumble. We’ve seen how well the Patriots have been able to cover wide receivers this year, which will give the Falcons a major test.What Will it Take for the Falcons to Upset the Patriots This Weekend?

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There is no question that Falcons are going to try to establish a run game with their 1-2 punch of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. However, all eyes will be on the Falcons’ most lethal weapon, Julio Jones. He’s going to need a big game and will need to stay on the field to rack up yards and receptions. The chances are he will be double teamed, but that’s not going to stop a superstar like him.

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