How to Travel Comfortably and Not Look Like a Tourist

It goes without saying, but comfort is key when traveling. Most people will keep their destination in mind, but there’s so much more to consider for your next trip. From waiting hours on end at the airport to long flights to wandering around a town you barely know, make it easy on yourself with our how to guide. Not only are we a fan of being comfortable while traveling, but who wants to look like a tourist? Blend in like a local this spring with our picks below.


There is no rule book you can or cannot wear to the airport, but these choices will definitely make traveling a whole lot easier.

Start your trip on a comfortable note by throwing on a relaxed t-shirt, which is much easier to layer over than a button-up. If you’re traveling to colder temperatures, keep warm with a jacket like the one pictured above. For extended flight or just navigating through a larger airport easily, be cozy in a pair of joggers, the perfect travel pant. A jogger with zippered pockets keeps important things like your boarding pass and passport safe and within reach. Finish off your airport attire with a shoe that can be easy taken on and off like the Driver we’ve selected.


Take in all the sights of the city without being dressed like a complete tourist. Ditch the fanny pack and dress for whatever your day requires. Whether it’s at a leisurely pace or you’re trying to cross everything off your list, dress appropriately.

Avoid heavy layers since the spring is generally a time for cooler weather. Stick to the basics that can be mixed and matched like a easy to wear tee or button-up. A jacket with an interior pocket will keep your cash or other valuables out of the reach of a pick pocketer. Finish off your comfortable look with a versatile pair of jeans in black or blue or if you’re anti-denim, opt for something more technical for days that require more walking. Pair our suggestions with your favorite sneakers or Chelsea Boots for a less casual option that your feet won’t hate.


End your days of exploring with a night out on the town. From dinner to drinks, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get dressed up while on vacation.

Pack your favorite coat and combine it with a nice button-down, black jeans and a pair of modern dress shoes. You don’t have to pack a suit, but still something nice enough to get into a fancy restaurant if that’s where your night leads.