The Top 5 Street Art Cities in the World

 With its roots in the expression of social and political angst, street art has long been associated with vandalism, but is now, thankfully, being celebrated as a fine art form while still remaining loyal to its raw, courageous tone with help from iconic graffiti artists, such as Banksy. For those looking to witness some awe-inspiring public pieces in person, these 5 cities listed below feature some of the most extensive and beautiful displays in the world.


Why We Picked It: Taking inspiration from New York City’s vibrant youth culture, Melbourne first emerged as a street art destination in the 1970s and 80s. Encouraged and regulated by the city itself, walls and buildings throughout city are gifted to local artists for short periods of time. As new artists gain control of these massive canvases constantly, viewers can expect a completely fresh, original experience with every visit.

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Why We Picked It: Boasting one of the largest collections of uncommissioned street art on the planet as well as several pieces by Banksy and other world-class talents, London is slowly becoming recognized as a street art hub thanks to its unparalleled diversity and thousands of works dotting the urban landscape.

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Why We Picked It: As another culturally diverse metropolis, Toronto, Canada is known for Rush Lane or Graffiti Alley. At nearly a kilometer long, this alleyway dedicated to street art is annually repainted and located in the heart of this sprawling city, just west of Spadina Ave and Queen Street West.

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Why We Picked It: Typically known for its love of Tango, soccer, art nouveau architecture, Buenos Aires has gained a reputation for impeccable street art in the past few years due to the city’s leniency with graffiti artists and works by Blu and local masters, such as Martin Ron and Jaz. Visitors can even join a guided street tour through San Telmo, the Coghlan Arts District and Villa Urquiza to learn about these expertly-crafted pieces.

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Why We Picked It: Emerging in response to Hong Kong’s flourishing commercial economy, the city’s street art scene has developed into must-see destination in the past five years. Graffiti artists from around the world flock to Hong Kong’s many supportive galleries and art festivals, including HKWalls, Clockenflap, and Secret Walls.

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