Versatility is key for anyone building their wardrobe and Five Four nails that concept with the new Gemsen Cardigan. This cardigan can either be synched to your shoulder with a button closure or worn like a normal sweater. It offers two looks in one and can be styled to your liking.

Using a cotton-poly blend, this classic draped cardigan is designed to be lightweight so it’s not holding you down this fall. When left as is, you you let your layers peak through and works perfectly with a button-up shirt much like the one pictured below sporting a mandarin collar.

See how Five Four styled the Gemsen Cardigan in Mexico City, you can wear it like a normal cardigan or closed at the shoulder.

If you’re looking to escape from the norm of your typical sweater, jacket, cardigan, etc., be sure to check out the Gemson as a more fashion-forward option for the fall and winter seasons.