Our Guide to Choosing the Best Cologne for You

If you’ve put together a well-curated, thoughtfully constructed wardrobe, you’ve got nothing else to worry about — right? Ehh, not quite. There are other matters in which the stylish guy should be versed, and in addition to the in’s and out’s of grooming, there’s another field that demands your attention. It’s one that can seem intimidating at first, too — what to look for when buying a new cologne (or, your first cologne).

A signature scent can become something that helps define your style. It adds a bit of extra polish (and a great smell!) to your daily wardrobe — that’s why it’s important to pick something that checks a number of boxes. Make sure you wear your cologne — not the other way around. So, something that’s too overpowering or calls to mind the body sprays of days gone by (a la AXE body spray) is off the table. Of course, you should make sure the scent you pick is one with which you’re comfortable.


It all comes down to what you want to project — you can (and should) embrace a little edge when it comes to both your personal style and your cologne. In that case, the John Varvatos Eau de Toilette exudes “bold, modern and sophisticated” style, according to the brand. The cool black colorway of the bottle itself is sharp in its own right, too.


A bolder, more refined style and scent is what you’re going to get with Uomo from Salvatore Ferragamo — a pricier, yet very premium, way to add some flair to your daily grooming routine. Again though, the key comes with looking for a scent that you ultimately love, one you could grow to wear on both special occasions and more routine days.


Want to look like new brand ambassador Chris Hemsworth — a heck of a stylish, confident man in his own right? Hugo Boss has you hooked up. More specifically, the new BOSS Bottled Tonic from Hugo Boss is made for refined guys on the go — clean, airy and not overpowering in the slightest.


And for a slightly more continental flair, you might want the POLO BLUE Polo Ralph Lauren fragrance — as classic and polished as it gets for everyday wear. The choices are certainly limitless when it comes to a great cologne, but it all comes down to your personal preferences — much like your personal style, of course. Pick the right cologne, and you can wear that scent with pride.