American Olympian Will Claye Talks Competing & Rapping

It’s not everyday when you get to meet someone who has participated in the Olympics, much less meet someone who has won multiple medals. We had the chance to talk with American Olympian, Will Claye. Will won his first two medals at the 2012 Olympics in London for Long and Triple Jump. At this past Olympics in Rio, he added yet another silver medal to his collection for the Triple Jump. When he’s not competing, Will is laying down tracks and has even worked with LA natives YG and Casey Veggies.

American Olympian Will Clay Talks Competing & RappingWhat made you want to get into track and field?

It was my old brother, he was this all-star track & field athlete in high school. I just wanted to be just like him. I saw him doing his thing and I was like shoot, let me get out there and try to do it. He started training me a little bit and I just stuck with it. It was never my main focus, I was always into football more than track, but track & football go hand in and hand. I just ended up getting picked up to do track out of high school.

What has been the hardest part of training for these types of events?

The hardest part is making it through injury. As an athlete you always get little injures, but being able to train through it is the hardest part. You feel like you’re down and out and like you will never be able to come back healthy again, but you work through that. Definitely the most challenging part for me.

What goes through your head prior to competing?

I’m on some I’m about to devour everyone in front of me (laughing). I think that I’m unstoppable, that’s how I go into my competitions like nobody can beat me. I’ve prepared myself that way I need to be. When you’re prepared like that, you can go in with confidence.

How did it feel to win your first medal in London?

It didn’t really hit me when I got it. I just turned 21 and it was my first Olympics. I thought dang, I just got a medal, but what now? This is cool, but it didn’t really hit me till way later. Winning two medals at my first Olympics was something I’d never imagine. It didn’t hit me and I feel like it still hasn’t. I’m still kind of in it and when you’re in the middle of it you don’t get to think about how special it is.

Do you still have rapping ambitions?

Oh yeah for sure. I’m definitely about to get back into the studio. I had to put my focus towards track & field for the Olympics. And now that I went out there and brought back some hardware, I can now focus on doing my music thing.