Lace Up: How to Care for Your Stylish Boots

They could be your favorite item of footwear — a trusty pair of stylish boots, that is. Particularly heading into fall, there’s no doubt that rugged boots are going to be a daily go-to for many of us — and if you like to wear your boots on the daily on adventures or day-to-day about town, they’re going to get dirty. It’s a fact of the game, sadly. And if you’re wearing something as stylish and unique as, say, the you’ll undoubtedly need to keep them in tip-top shape. That goes for chukka boots all the way on up to rugged leather boots.

With suede chukka boots and Chelsea boots (like the New Republic Houston Boot!) in particular, advance protection is going to be key. That means using a premium repel spray to help avoid water and stains. It’s a small move that’s going to extend the life of your shoes more than you know. If you wear your boots to music festivals, bar crawls or a winery tour this fall, you’ll need that edge.

Eastland Work Boots


The next step comes with daily upkeep — a chore for some , a favorite hobby for others (line those shoes up and clean away!). A suede cleaning kit, featuring a brush and a suede eraser — yes, a large eraser — also helps extend the longevity of your shoes. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, you need a footwear upgrade in your closet, right? In that case, we’d recommend the handsome New Republic Houston Chelsea Boot in Brown. And if you’re more of a work boot guy (who isn’t in the fall?), the handsomely rugged Five Four x Eastland Bret Work Boots give you the type of tough style you crave — make sure you follow a similar care routine, though.

If you’re more of a leather boot fan, we’ve got you covered there, too. Again, a little goes a long way. The New Republic Trevor Chelsea Boot fits the bill perfectly in terms of a stylish pair of leather boots, of course — and with boots that sharp and rock-ready, you’ll certainly want to keep them around long after the opening act.

So, where to start? Plenty of companies are making reliable and easy-to-use shoe shine kits with everything you need built right in. In the case of the Trevor Chelsea Boot, you’re going to want to use black shoe polish to buff them up — that is, after removing any excess dirt or grime with a cloth beforehand.  Using a combination of a daubing brush and a large brush is the way to go when it comes time to shine your leather boots — there are plenty of guides out there when it comes to how to shine your shoes, too.

Whether suede boots are your footwear pick of choice or you prefer slick leather boots, taking care of them is as easy as paying attention to the small details, taking the time to care for your boots beforehand, and then making sure you stay on that upkeep. After all, you’ve invested in your boots for a reason. All ready to step out in style? Just check your boots before you go.