Is The Switch Enough To Save Nintendo’s Legacy?

Growing up, Nintendo was king when it came to gaming. From the original NES to the Super Nintendo to the Nintendo 64 and the Gameboy, they had it all. You were only able to find popular titles like Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, etc on their platforms. You can still find those same titles on their current generation of consoles and handholds like the Wii and Nintendo DS, but now they enter a pivotal point in the company’s history with the release of their newest device, the Switch.

Is The Swift Enough To Save Nintendo's Legacy? What We Want To See From The Swift

For those who missed Nintendo’s teaser for the Switch, it appeals to people who like to game at home as well on the go. Attach it to its base to connect to your TV or take it with you for a portable experience with detachable controllers for wireless interaction. However, are those features enough to convert Xbox and Playstation loyalists? The answer is potentially, if the Switch is able to differentiate itself and usher in the next generation of gaming.

What can Nintendo add to the Switch to deliver the same level of imagination as they did with the Wii? Well, there’s a laundry list of things they could do, but here are some feasible options we’d like to see:

    • Touch Screen – This is an obvious feature that the Swift should have. If it is going to be advertised as a on-the-go device, you’d expect people to interact with the screen.
    • A Social Component – What better way to enjoy Mario Kart than playing with your friends who are spread across the world.
    • Downloadable Content – Games, add-ons, etc. You should be able to use the device as your main hub for everything you’d need. I’d particularly like to see original Nintendo games.
    • Virtual Reality – This is something that has been discussed for a long time coming and looks to be the next big thing for gaming. If Nintendo were able to incorporate VR into the Switch, they might have something here.
    • Comparable Graphics/Output – If they aren’t able to compete with Microsoft or Sony on graphics, they’ll have a hard time attracting new users.
    • More Titles – If you don’t have staple console titles like NBA2K, Fifa, Madden, Call of Duty, etc., they don’t stand a chance to compete unless its solely appealing to Nintendo Wii/DS users.

In an age where our smart phones have replaced MP3 players, cameras, and portable gaming devices, will the public really give-in and buy Nintendo’s Switch? Nintendo better hope so because this looks their last chance to redeem themselves from previous failures.