How to Wear All White This Season

Cover Image via One Dapper Street

Layer up this winter with a clean white outfit that will give you a new look for 2017. If you’ve strayed away from wearing all white for whatever reason, it can definitely make a statement when done correctly. We’ve picked out four of our favorite items to create a winter outfit.

Start your outfit with a simple and clean white button-up. You can also opt for a white shirt. but a white shirt will do and looks more dressed up than a basic tee. Keep your sleeves rolled down and button-up the shirt all the way up if your comfortable with it.

Throw a white bomber on top of your button-up and leave it un-zipped. If you’re in cold weather climate, you can wear hoodie underneath the bomber for an additional layer. 

No all white outfit would be complete with your favorite pair of white pants. White pants can be challenging to pull off on their own, but paired with white shirts and jackets, it fits seamlessly.

Finish off your all white outfit with a pair of white sneakers. Not only does all white sneakers look extremely clean, they are a major part of your outfit. Pick a pair of shoes that match the aesthetic of your outfit to create a cohesive look.