Drinking in the Big Apple: 7 Of The Hottest Bars In New York City

Traveling to a new city is great, but it can be kind of hard to figure out what to do once the itinerary has run its course. That’s where bars come in. They are the facilitators of impromptu good times, and nowhere else in the U.S. is that statement truer than in the Big Apple. Sure, there’s plenty to do, but eventually, you’re gonna want a drink. Why not ditch the tourist traps and check out some of the hottest bars in New York?


Address: 205 Chrystie St. New York, NY 10002

If you like whiskey, good music, and getting laid then Rochelle’s is probably the place for you. Weekdays and happy hour crowds tend to take a more laid-back approach (+ 1 for the ability to scope out the vibe) but on the weekends, this place turns into a no holds barred mass of writhing bodies. Suggestive messages are plastered subtly throughout, and after a few drinks, you can kinda feel the crowd collectively agree: message received. If that’s not enough to quench your thirsty thirst, they also do a “Tinder Thursday” night where newly matched couples get a free shot with proof of intent to hook-up.

Image via Thirsty Mag


Address: 9 Doyers St New York, NY 10013

For those of you who think speakeasies are overhyped, hold that thought until you give Apotheke a shot. Don’t order one, though, because this place is a cocktail gold mine. Creative drinks like the Paid Vacation – a skillful blend of mezcal, tequila, and hickory smoked pineapple – pair perfectly with the stamped tin roof décor, but it’s the pleasant smell of burning incense that really pulls the whole theme together. No detail is spared here, from the old-timey doctor’s uniform worn by the bartenders to the password to gain entry. Visiting New York and skipping out on Apotheke is like going to India and passing on the Taj Mahal. You just don’t do it.

Hint: The password changes periodically, so follow their social feeds if you’re into that sort of thing.

Image via S Marks the Spot


Address: 30 Water St, New York, NY 10004

Dead Rabbit is truly one of the hottest bars in New York. It was named the “World’s Best Bar” for the 2nd time in a row in 2016, and with the split-level experience you’ll get here, it’s not hard to see why. Downstairs mimics the original 19th-century style of this bar, with sawdust on the floor, photos tacked to the ceiling and a great beer selection. Upstairs, however, is where you’ll find a more upscale lounge catering to the cocktail crowd.Dead Rabbit

Image via Dead Rabbit NYC


Address: 148 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011

Are you a craft brew and video games kinda guy or gal? Then Barcade, New York’s original arcade bar, is worth a spot on your bucket o’ beers list. Geek out over classic games like Crazy Taxi, X-Men and NBA Jams all while indulging in some of the best beers to be brewed in New York. What more could a nerdy socialite want? Good food, probably – which is great because Barcade has that covered too. But don’t just take our word for it, order the kielbasa and chicken waffle grilled cheese sandwich if you get the chance to visit. You can thank us later.

Image via Manhattan Sideways


Address: 41 E 7th St New York, NY 10003

Purveyors of inside voices and pleasant conversations should give Burp Castle a whirl. In many ways, it feels like an anti-bar. The walls are painted as giant Frescos, which gives the joint an abbey like feel, but it’s the bartenders who really deliver Burp Castle’s unique vibe. In fact, don’t be surprised if getting rowdy earns you a stern hushing. This stoic little establishment may not feel like one of the hottest bars in New York, but for the man or woman with a deep respect for beer, you’ll feel right at home. Don’t worry if you’re a bit of a loud talker though, the outside patio isn’t nearly as regulated, so feel free to hang out and make some noise while taking in a street scene that only a city like New York can offer.

Image via Google Maps


Address: 179 Smith St Brooklyn, NY 11201

First off, Camp is styled exactly the way it sounds. Deer heads, archery targets, and kayaks are strewn about, but the pièce de résistance when it comes to this bar isn’t on the drink menu. Camp is a place where you can mix your two favorite things – booze and smores. So, kick back and lounge by the fireplace with friends, because while camping in New York City may be hard, Camp is an easy going good time set in a log cabin.Hottest Bars In New York Camp

Image via Drink NYC


Address: 2 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

OK, so fair warning, this is more of a club affair than a bar, but my god is it worth it. House of Yes is unlike anything you’ve probably ever experienced, and therein lies the reason it’s listed here. The atmosphere is a kaleidoscopic burst of eclecticism that gives way to great drinks and aerial acrobatics. Just about every night is an event. These run the gamut of DJ sets to full-on, costume-clad roller disco parties. Seriously, this is the place for lovers of absurdity. And if you’re heading to New York, you already have half of what it takes to fit in.

Image via House of Yes