A Healthy Cocktail Does Exist | Pomegranate Coconut Rum Spritzer

Studies show that alcohol consumption increases over the holiday season. It’s a time for us to sit back and relax with a nice drink or be a social drinker at all the holiday parties you’ll be attending. Since we are battling the inevitable anyway during the upcoming holiday season, why not turn your next cocktail into something packed with vitamins and minerals while scoring in at a whopping 0g of sugar per serving.A Healthy Cocktail Does Exist | Your Holiday Recipe
Image via Food Network

The Pomegranate Coconut Rum Spritzer:


Combine equal parts of dark rum and sparkling coconut water in your glass of choice. Pour in one full packet of EBOOST Acai Pomegranate Energy Powder, allow to dissolve completely. Drop in a few ice cubes to keep chilled and enjoy!

This is the perfect cocktail to kick off the holiday season, the rum gives it touch of warmth while the coconut and pomegranate flavors bring an unexpected fruit blend to your typical holiday drink. Cheers!