8 Artists You Should Be Listening to Right Now

In today’s world it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the new artists and music coming out. With Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms, your attention is often pulled in a million different directions. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite artists. While some are new and others are just flying under the radar, they are all worth a listen.


You might remember A.CHAL from our weekly playlists and he’s one of our favorite up and coming artists. His 2017 album ON GAZ was met with positive reviews and features several hit songs. While he made a splash in 2015, his momentum continues to build and will be not be flying under the radar for much longer.Image via Nation of Billions


Since release The Pink Polo EP in 2016, Masego has been making headlines with his music. While he hasn’t released nearly as much music as we want, his past projects continue to be in heavy rotation. He’s an extremely talented artist and is a star in the making with his ability to not only sing, but play different instruments. Get familiar with Masego and give his music a listen.Image via Stereo Champions


As if Toronto was putting out enough talented artists, LAIS is next to blow. Already having received a cosign from Drake, LAIS is preparing for musical stardom. While it is only a matter of time for this Canadian, his followers have had no problem keeping up with all of his music. His album 114, was some of his best work and we can’t wait to see what else haas in store.Image via Vice


To say that Blackbear keeps it real would be an understatement. Often singing about his vices and fighting his emotions, his music is incredibly deep and thought provoking. We love his unique style and ability to tell a story through his eyes. Since releasing several projects and albums, he has been able to go on tour and sell out many of his shows. If you’re not caught up on him yet, now is the perfect time.Image via Sacramento365


Rhode Island-based rapper Khary is able to showcase his lyrical ability while being able to juggle between serious and whimsical bars. His 2016 album Intern Aquarium has was a hit and he’s on pace to finally break out in 2017. Follow along and he continues to ascend up the ranks.Image via Genius


By no means is Syd a new artist and she’s definitely made a name for herself with The Internet. Despite releasing one of the best albums of 2017, she is still not getting the recognition she deserves. The talented songstress is among our favorite singers and is a breath of fresh air in today’s music scene. Give Fin a listen, which features the track below.Image via Blavity


Conscious rappers are becoming far and few between and Joyner Lucas is one name you won’t want to forget. Fresh off the release of his album 508-507-2209, he delivers hard hitting lyrics with deep visuals to match. Prior to releasing the album, Joyner Lucas was making noise and was titled one of the best underground rappers. No longer underground and signed to a label, this isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing his name.Image via Z 107.9


We’re all ears for rappers you can just cruise to and that’s exactly why we’re rocking with Skinny. His new EP Late Night Blvd will soon become the soundtrack to your late night shenanigans as you ride around town. Give it a listen with one of our favorite tracks from the EP found below.
Image via LA Weekly