5 Contemporary Photographers You Need to Know About

Bridging the gap between technology and art, photographers have always embraced the latest techniques and technologies to create indelible, arresting images. Today’s emerging photo artists are no different. These five young rising stars have captured the art world’s attention using the most avant-garde advancements in digital manipulation and printing methods to breathe new life into traditional subjects and compositions.


Why We Picked Her: Known for her psychedelic digital prints, the Los Angeles and Ojai-based Washburn uses a wide range of materials, including butter, feathers, flowers, plastic wrap to create her fluid, dynamic images. Washburn adheres these items to her television while watching her favorite shows. The picture on the screen bleeds through and mixes with the additives to create her stunning abstract photographs. “Fire at Sea,” Digital Print, 2015. Image courtesy of the artist.


Why We Picked Her: Hailing from Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Chen explores themes of Zen Buddhism and Koans in her work. In the Buddhist tradition, Koans are typically stories or riddles used to bring about greater universal understanding or enlightenment. Her photographs espouse this same paradoxical iconography as a means of achieving spiritual awareness. Using black ink on Japanese papers, Chen’s poetic abstracts somehow harmoniously exist between the discordant states of melancholy and blissful cognizance. “Cold Mountain,” Photogravure, 2014, From the series KOAN. Image via Artsy.


Why We Picked Her: As featured in New York Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and  Vogue.com, Brooklyn resident Olivia Bee delivers stirring, brilliantly-colored nature photographs and candid portraits dealing with the delicate nature of human memory and the beautiful little moments of daily life. “Technicolor Still,” Photograph, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.


Why We Picked Him: Working mainly in muted tones and black and white, New York City-based editorial and portrait photographer Chris Bernabeo is an expert at crafting intriguing, narrative-based images. Since receiving his BFA at Brooklyn’s prestigious Pratt Institute in 2013, Bernabeo has been featured in Nylon and PhotoArt Mag. “White Web,” Photograph, 2017. Image via the artist.


Why We Picked Him: Perhaps best known by his Instagram alias, trashhand, Serdar Ozturk has gained an impressive 30,000 followers with his impeccably composed scenes of Chicago street scenes and architecture. “Calm, clear, and classic,” Ozturk’s photos conjure feelings of awe and amazement with their strong focus on intricate geometric design.“Untitled,” Photograph, 2017. Image via the artist.